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Young bnei Torah who are interested in earning a degree without leaving the serious pursuit of limud haTorah have been actualizing their desire at the Yeshiva of Newark for the better part of the last two decades.Our school was founded to serve as a “prozdor” from the world of the Bais Midrash to the world of earning a parnasah. Nestled in the heart of a successful world class corporation, our students, with vistas of the powerful New York skyline greeting them every day, gain the tools to navigate the modern world without sacrificing the values of authenticity and integrity provided by our rich mesorah. Our Rabbeim’s classes give primary focus on the relevancy of that day’s learning to our lives. In individual conversations with the students,the staff is committed to inculcate within them a deep authentic relationship with haKadosh Boruch Hu. We take pride in having produced scores of well balanced baalei batim, motivated leaders and passionate askanim currently contributing to kehilas across the globe. These podcasts are reflective of the openness to ideas and breadth of discovery that we have promoted in the unique learning environment that thrives in downtown Newark.

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