Rabbi Skaist

Since becoming Rosh Yeshiva at The Yeshiva of Newark 16 years ago, Rabbi Skaist has brought his original, and often humorous, insights into his shiurim in Tanach, Midrash, and Machsheves Yisroel. Talmidim cite these classes as having been foundational in their development as Bnei Torah in the outside world.

Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz

As Rosh Beis Medrash, Rav Kivelevitz serves as Rav and Posek for the morning minyan at IDT. Talmidim, as well as many of the employees of the company, look forward to his weekly Shiur
Klali in Tshuvos and Poskim. In addition to his position in our Yeshiva, Rav Kivelevitz is a Maggid Shiur for Dirshu International in Talmud and Halacha as well as a Dayan with the Beth Din of America.

Rabbi Weiss

Rabbi Weiss has been the maggid shiur at the IDT Yeshiva for the better part of the past two decades.Viewed as Rebbe to hundreds of Talmidim, his shiurim range from Halacha to Chassidus, Hashkafa and Gemara all infused with his clear presentation of even the most difficult topics. His scholarly shiurim and inspiring drashos have made him a speaker very much in demand in communities throughout the Tri-State area.
He is the Rav of Congregation Ohr Chodosh in Bergenfield.

Rabbi Yosef Bechhofer

Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer has served as a Rav, Rebbe, Rosh Kollel and teacher in the Chicago and New York areas. He is an an adjunct professor at Excelsior College, and serves as a Dayan on the Beth Din of America. He holds an M.S. in Education (concentration in Counseling and Guidance) from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. (based on his sefer on eruvin) at the University of Huddersfield in the UK.

Rabbi Kalman Worch

Rabbi Kalman Worch was born in Manchester, England and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He studied in Yeshivos in the United States and Israel. In 2015 Rabbi Worch founded the Illinois Center for Jewish Studies. Rabbi Worch is the translator of the Classic Chasidic work, the B’nei Yissoschor.Renowned as a community resource in Chicago and beyond, Rabbi Worch is available to address capably any questions on Torah, Judaism, or life in general